The Ascension Process


The Awakening Process starts when you realize you are more than a simple Human Being, it can start when you know  that God lives inside you, or when you feel the heat and the Presence of God inside you within your Heart, or when you take a conscious breath and connect with your Inner Self... Could be several other ways indeed, but all those have the same core: "Your Awakening Process starts when you stop for a while to look outside and you start to look inside yourself, to look into your Heart"... When you are beyond Duality, you create your own life and there is not Drama anymore, you are Awake!


During your whole life you are working with your own Human Will, and during the Awakening Process you start to align your Human Will with your Divine Will... at one specific point of your life, you decide to renounce to your Human Will in order to let the Divine Will to express through you and to express fully in your own life, letting your Inner Self or letting God to express through you totally... at that point you start your Path to Christification or Anointment, purifying your four lower bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Etheric) preparing them to align with your Soul Plan and to receive your High Mental Body.


When the christification process is about to end, a specific change occurs into the physical body, after the purification of the four lower bodies, the physical body, mental & emotional body start to increase significantly
their frequency level or level of Light, and due to this process all these three lower bodies start to fusion with the Etheric Body filling all of them with a certain high level of Love and Light; this Fusion happens due to the Frequency Alignment among all four lower bodies... This fusion also means a Fusion among all Seven Chakras, including the chakras no. eight, nine, ten, eleven & twelve (Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, Causal Body and High Mental Body)… This process of High Frequency Increase is known as the Transfiguration Process.


After you become a Christ, you must start your period of active Service, this Service has been chosen by yourself at your Causal or Soul Body level, which means before you came into your current human incarnation... When you become a Christ all your Plan as Human Being is release into your Human Consciousness through a Consciousness Alignment... All your Service of Love and Light must be fulfilled prior to access to the privilege of Ascension. This period of service is the stage prior to your Ascension or what I call: "The Last Step"... After this, your purification as a Whole Being is even increased more and more, meanwhile you acquire a specific knowledge about the Five Secret Flames and finally your Ascension Ceremony into the Fifth Dimension.