Net of Light - The New Energy

This New Energy Web of Light has the intention to link all together into one whole being which We are, remembering that We are One... The objective of this Net of Light is Inspire and give Love & Light to every single Human Being who is in the Path of Spirituality, the Path of Awakening & the Path of Ascension... Do you want to join to us? Welcome !!! Go to Easy Quick Start!

New Energy - New Age

Our Beloved Mother Earth is entering into the Aquarium New Age & doing its Ascension... since the half of last century until today all electromagnetic & etheric fields have been changed in order to set the New Energy into this Planet and into all Genetic structure for each Human Being... This New Energy has different ways to operate versus the Old Energy we have been using... After 2012 was the official lifting of the Earth up to Ascension state increasing its Consciousness Level...

Inside this Net of Light you will be find out several Tools, Books, Messages, New Energy Webpages and more in order to light up your Consciousness and increase your own Consciousness Level helping you and all entire humanity to enter and live in this New Earth.

Revelations 21: 1 "The I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth has passed away, and there was no longer any sea".

About Me

I AM Kär-i-Êl, a Star Seed coming from the star Maia at Pleaides in Taurus constellation but born as a Human here in this beloved planet Earth, and I belong to the Great White Brotherhood below the leadership of Master El Morya and Beloved Lord Maitreya; we are the People of God, a group of beings children of Light B'nai Or who has came to this Earth during this New Age in order to help this planet to enter in the New Age of Love & Peace, according to the Divine Will of our Loving Father... Our mission is to guide humanity in the Divine Love and wherever we go to spread Love and Light to all Children of God and all creation...`


of Light !

Connect and feel free to share with us and with the Family of Light your thougths, your feelings and your inquiries... we all are here as one, and as a single being we must support each other to rise up its Consciousness Level and with so accelerate our process of Ascension as humanity and civilization...

If you want to share with us, we will be waiting for your comments and teachings as well... Join to this Net of Light... Join Us!